Friday, July 16, 2010

Rockin' the Rockwell: Got Ink Workshop

A great week of comics with a great group of students. We learned about the history of comics, the artistic stylings of Skottie Young, the act of superhero creation, and how to structure a story. And More!

Super-awesome stuff, all around. Here are some of the participants, with some samples of their work from today's character creation session (photographed in reverse, Photo Booth-style):


Justin B said...

Don't tell me you weren't thinking of the yellow hooded guy from the end of The Invisibiles when you saw that second-to-last one.

Timothy Callahan said...

Ha. I drew that second to last one, based on the sketch that kid did. He wanted Dr. Fate's helmet on a guy with camo fatigues. So, no, I didn't think of the Invisibles at all.

Unknown said...

Wow, cool! Read the write-up on WWC, too. Very interesting. Wish I could have sat in on the classes. Great job!