Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hellblazer Blogathon Today

Chad Nevett is spending 24 hours writing about "Hellblazer" during his blogathon to raise money for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. As I type this, he's halfway through, and if you want to follow along (or see what you missed) go over to GraphiContent right this very minute!

I've only read about 1/3 of the stuff Chad's writing about. I read almost all of the Delano issues, and then I ended up abandoning the series in the middle of the Garth Ennis run, which is widely considered the high-mark on the series. I just didn't care about Constantine at the time, I suppose, but I should go back and reread all of that stuff, and pick up the Ennis issues I missed.

I do like the bits of the Azzarello run that I've read -- which is basically "Hard Time" -- and I bought that for the Corben art. I said it on Chad's blog and I'll say it again here: Richard Corben is the best artist to ever work on "Hellblazer," and he's had some seriously stiff competition. But he's Richard Corben. And he got to draw a Constantine-in-prison comic.

Blogathon! Go read it. And support the effort.


Chad Nevett said...

Thanks, Tim!

And I'll discuss the art of the series at the end of the blogathon (since I should have two posts to fill) and say who my favourite artist is then. Maybe rank all the ones we've seen so far.

.gbrl said...

tim: can i ask for a lengthy post/colum -and i mean LENGTHY- about scott pilgrim? .. why? becouse it was reading some brief posts of you that got me interested in reading it, and now that the series is over, i would love to read your personal and always insightful thoughts about it...

Rev Sully said...

for me the Azzarello HELLBLAZER is where it peaked for me. I've read a lot of Constantine but The Azzarello arcs. John Constantine on foot in the USA and finally an American writer to help John across the Union.
Stay Tuned, Tim! Especially for the Marcello Frusin drawn arcs following Hard Time. They are brilliant.
Good Intentions and "Ashes to Dust in LA" was put Constantine on a new level of bastardy even for me.

crea shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA