Monday, May 10, 2010

Splash Page Podcast 15.2: Esteem, Hellboy, Wizard!

How great is that Richard Corben cover? If you don't think it's one of the greatest images to ever grace a comic book blog and or comic book shop, then you are a person who keeps an address in crazytown, one block over from insanity house.

So. Second Splash Page episode of the week. What do Chad and I talk about? Oh, everything.

Creators who have risen or fallen in our esteem. Hellboy. Longboxes. Wizard magazine. Jack Kirby's Eternals. Very sad X-Men. Iron Fist. And more.

Done in an extra low-key, smooth grove style.

LISTEN: Splash Page Podcast Episode 15.2!


Justin B said...

Ah, early-nineties Wizard. It was the only place for a naive (gullible) 13 year old like myself for news about what was the most popular, and therefore obviously best, comics. Of course by 1994 I realized that just because a comic had a hologram cover it wasn't inherently good, and I didn't read comics again until 2008. Fortunately, now there's the internet with quality information like the Splashpage where I learn about comics like Spider-Man: Fever that I probably wouldn't have picked up otherwise. I am glad that I never bought into Wizard's after-market recommendations, such as dropping $50 on Stephen Platt Moon Knight. And Tim, I would loan you all those Wizards, but they're buried somewhere in my parents' attic.

As for podcast topics, I do hope you guys talk about Ennis soon. I was hoping we'd get more debate over your comment that "Kick-Ass is what The Boys wants to be." When you do talk about Ennis, could you throw in some Preacher discussion as well? I've read the first 2 hardcovers and had the same reaction that Chad did to Kick-Ass #4. I may have enjoyed the jokes if I had read it when I was 17 when it came out, but I didn't find them funny now. I did enjoy Kick-Ass for its ridiculous spectacle; it definitely had a lot more energy than Preacher.

One other topic--could you talk about some lesser-known works from creators like Morrison or Ellis that are a lot of fun but don't get talked about as much? JLA: Earth 2 comes to mind. I haven't found many comments on it, but I really enjoyed it, even more than say, We3.

malpractice said...

Tim, what was the name of that Budd Boetticher film you were talking about ? it sounded intresting.