Monday, May 17, 2010

Splash Page Podcast 16: Siege, Siege, Sentry, Siege

This week's Splash Page podcast is mostly about "Siege" and Chad and I mostly disagree about everything. Except how terrible the "Sentry: Fallen Sun" comic was. That's just a fact. Nothing to disagree about there.

What else do we talk about? Pretty much everything that's important in life and/or comics.

And all in a single, extra-long episode this week. Because that's what we're all about. Quality, in a compressed dose of limited quantity.

LISTEN: Splash Page Podcast Episode 16!

1 comment:

benk said...

Another great episode. A couple of quick things:

I first read Longbow Hunters a few years ago when a friend gave me the trade. He has purchased it not too long before handing it to me, so it is still available for new readers. I remember wanting to read more of the Mike Grell run, but I don't think any of it's been traded. I'm assuming you guys have read it. Is it worth tracking down?

Also, Tim, in response to a question you asked a couple of weeks ago, yes, the intro music is too long. I'd suggest Chad play less at the top, and then play a little more at the tail end of the show. Ending with the music would provide some closure for the episodes, and make the ending of the podcast feel less abrupt.