Sunday, May 09, 2010

Splash Page Podcast 12.2: Straczynski, Doc Savage, Chad Writes Comics

J. Michael Straczynski writing about Superman walking across the country to learn about himself, to learn about America? Yeah, we talk about that.

(I think. We recorded this a while ago, so maybe we talk about something completely different.)

We also probably talk about "Doc Savage" #1 and Chad's history as a writer, including his comics that are so famous, they ended up on a t-shirt.

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Anonymous said...

You said that "Straczynski never finishes his stories."

Rising Stars: Finished.
Midnight Nation: Finished.
Bullet Points: Finished.
Silver Surfer Requiem: Finished.
Seven YEARS writing Spider-Man.
EVERY Brave and Bold is self-contained.

Oh, that's right, you said last week that you hadn't READ any finished Straczynski work.

Isn't that just a little bit different than saying Strazynski DOESN'T finish anything? Shouldn't you cop to your OWN igorance? And isn't that kind of ignorance on the part of someone who styles himself as a critic of the field pretty freaking offensive?

And on top of that, you critique a story you haven't read yet, which hasn't appeared yet, based on ONE THING that you know happens. It's like saying, "You know, this whole blowing up Berlin thing is just stupid, it's pointless," and ignoring the rest of the World War Two story that surrounds it.

You have no idea what's going to happen, and yet you make the assumption that she's going to be just walking around morose and doing lots of self-introspection without a SHRED of evidence to support that. You basically just made it up, and went on to ridicule it based on something that as far as you know, MAY NEVER ACTUALLY EVEN HAPPEN.

Amazing...really amazing....

Here's a thought. Why don't you wait to see what the STORY is, as opposed to an action within that story, before you say that it's a stupid story?

I know, whacky idea, letting facts into the discussion, but one can always hope.

Timothy Callahan said...

I don't think you understand what our podcast is about.

Anonymous said...

What's to understand? You made a patently false statement.

What does "what our podcast is about" have to do with putting out absoutely false information? Is there a disclaimer saying "we're lying when we talk to you?" Do you indicate anywhere that you don't do your homework and that you're just saying things that you make up? Does the average listener know that you're just making stuff up?

If so, this should be indicated somewhere on the podcast web page so people don't get the wrong idea.

Oh, and I went online and remembered some more.

Delicate Creatures: Finished.
The Dr. Strange miniseries: Finished.

Anonymous said...

Also, per Wikipdeia, because as a regular listener I've just gotten tired enough of this nonsense to do the homework FOR you....

92 episodes of Babylon 5: Finished.
13 episodes of Twilight Zone: Finished.
2 produced films: Finished.
3 novels: Finished.
200 other produced episodes of television: Finished.

Let's stack that up against what you've finished, and see how it measures up.

Not to bag on your opinions, you're entitled to your opinions, just not your own facts, and as a listener who thinks you sometimes make good points, you do yourselves no favors when you just flat out invent things.

(And just saying "I don't think you understand what our podcast is about" is just a way of not addressing any of the specifics that prove you wrong.)

Timothy Callahan said...

Please use your name, so I know who I'm responding to.

But here's the thing: This is a podcast with two guys talking about their opinions on comics. That's it.

Even so, I'm not sure what you're objecting to. When do I say that "Straczynski never finishes his stories"? What time in the podcast? I remember saying "he never finishes his stories in a satisfying way," which is completely different. Maybe I say the former. I really don't remember.

Do you think he finishes his stories in a satisfying way? Which ones? Because everything I've read -- "Amazing Spider-Man," "Bullet Points," "The Twelve," "Thor," "Supreme Power/Squadron Supreme" -- even if it does reach a final issue, does NOT conclude effectively, does not conclude in a satisfying way.

What's your take? I'm more interested in that than in this list you seem intent on making to contradict something I don't even remember saying.

Chad Nevett said...

Also, didn't I say most of that to Tim in the episode? You know, be a dick and just point out stories that FINISHED? If there's an obvious way to bust Tim's balls by conveniently missing the point, I'm the guy who finds it. Been there, done that.