Monday, March 29, 2010

Splash Page Podcast 10.1: Deadshot, Clooney!

So just as we start recording, my headset mic starts to sputter and blink and stop working. That was annoying. Luckily I had an external mic and a different set of headphones nearby, so I used those for this week's Splash Page Podcast, but now my audio sounds like I was recording from inside a fish tank.

If you can get past that, I'm sure you'll find a lot to like about this episode, as Chad and I spend most of the time making fun of stuff and barely make any valid points about anything. Well, I mean, I make plenty of valid points, but they are couched in humor and irony. And Chad, I don't know what he's talking about half the time. He hadn't even heard of Jules Feiffer until ten minutes ago.

LISTEN: Splash Page Podcast Episode 10.1!


Anonymous said...

My favorite episode yet. I loved your comics discussion, that finds itself settled perfectly between the opposite poles of the Comics Journal and Wizard, which is ground not very easily reached. This is the kind of subtle, intelligent disucssion I whish was found more often in comic book discussion and criticism (which is how I would also describe both of your respective internet articles and reviews). Thank you for the fun, and I would love to hear your guys' take on some of the smaller comic book publishers such as Slave Labor Graphics, Drawn & Quarterly, Pantheon, Picture Box, etc., and what some of your favorite comics from them are.

Matt Seneca said...

Second that! The superhero analysis is great, but I'd love to hear you guys take on some art comics occasionally.