Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Daughter is Famouser than I Am

You may have seen some of my pull quotes on such collected editions as "Spider-Man Noir" and "Fantastic Four: Some Stuff By Millar and Hitch that Didn't End Well," but I have yet to be credited for my fancy praise on the FRONT of any comic book.

Someone else in my house has beaten me to it (click to see the cover in all of its Callahan-esque glory):


Greg said...

Okay, two things: How close to 5 or 6 is your daughter? My younger one is 4-and-a-half and isn't all that good at reading yet, and I just wonder if I should be worried. Well, not worried per se as much as insanely jealous that other kids can read and Norah can't, plus anxious about what a lousy father I am.

Second: Twelve stars? But out of what? If it's 100, that's not very good, is it? It sounds like your daughter really needs to rethink her rating system. I mean, come on!

Timothy Callahan said...

Oh, Lauren can't read at all. She'll be six in Feb. (She can read words like "I" and "go" and "Mom," but that's about it.) I read this comic to her.

It's 12 stars out of 5. She's also bad at math.

Jeff Carter said...

I laughed, then got worried too because my twins just turned five on Friday! Phew. Fatherly guilt averted and parental crisis avoided.

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