Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This Guy, I Like!

I'll be stalking Kevin all weekend, and I hope you will be too.


Matt Jacobson said...

What was I thinking, getting married so close to SDCC? Now my anniversary will forever prevent me from going.

Time for a divorce!

Timothy Callahan said...

My anniversary is ALWAYS during San Diego. Does that stop me from going? Nope. Does it make my wife want to punch me in the throat? Nope.

I suspect I'm merely a trophy husband for her.

Matt Jacobson said...

Couple more years need to go by...this is our first anniversary.

Completely off-topic: I was talking with the dude at my comic shop today about Captain Britain's cancellation. His words: "I'm not surprised, you were the only one buying it here, pretty much". I'm also apparently the only customer all day to NOT buy Blackest Night, confirming my long-standing theory that I'm some sort of freak.

Bruce Castle said...

Aren't you guy who doesn't like Northlanders?

Yeah, freak is a good word.

Oh, and don't worry about Blackest Night.

Hey, Tim, what are your thoughts on Blackest Night? Are you as disappointed as I am?

Bruce Castle said...

Oh, and thanks for the Kevin Colden recommendation.

He is good.

Our tastes are too similar, Callahan! Which one of us is Asterios and which is Ignazio?

Timothy Callahan said...

I haven't read Blackest Night yet, since I was out of town on Wednesday. But I'll be getting it today and reviewing it for CBR.

Bruce Castle said...

Oh, good. You know Doug Zawisza gave it five stars?

First Cry for Justice #1 and now this.

Greg said...

I ... I ... don't understand. If you know where he's going to be, why would you be stalking him????

My puzzler hurts.

I'll see you there! We can talk about your inability to recognize good comics!

Timothy Callahan said...

Yes! Like Moon Knight!

Greg said...

Exactly! You're coming around!

Bruce Castle said...

Just read your Blackest Night review. Four stars? Damn it, Callahan! I was counting on you to bring the fire and brimstone.

Well, I've been too harsh, but I still think you were a bit too easy.

And you gave Final Crisis #1 four stars too!? C'mon, that was a better issue, right?

Timothy Callahan said...

"Final Crisis" #1 was better than "Blackest Night" #1. But Blackest Night was a very good start to a summer event, and it didn't feel like merely 3 1/2 stars to me. It felt like a solid 4.

There's also the context factor. Blackest Night #1 is a 4-star comic right now, compared to what's generally out there for comics in the past few months. Last summer, up against Casanova #14, the last few issues of All-Star Superman, Morrison's Batman, and Final Crisis? Maybe it would have only been 3 1/2 stars then.

I don't know, though. For all of its faults, "Blackest Night" is a lot of fun in its twistedly savage way.

Bruce Castle said...

So, it's not just me then? 2008 was a better year for comics? Except for Asterios Polyp! I'll thank you again for that!

Ok, so Blackest Night is just about fun? Well, then, it's very possible that I will enjoy it more on a second reading.

The expectations are gone and the anger has subsided.

Timothy Callahan said...

Zombie Elongated Man and Sue Dibny eviscerating the Hawkpeople? That's just summer thrill ride stuff. It's not going to have a whole lot of deep subtextual meaning.

Bruce Castle said...

But Zombie Elongated Man and Sue Dibny eviscerating the Hawkpeople pissed me off.

The Hawks died in Final Crisis. That was retconned. Ok, fine, but then they die again right away? That's frustrating.

Is it my fault for believing Johns when he hinted that there would be something on a subtextual level? He's dealing with death. That could've been serious.

You know, I recently saw an interview with Morrison where he said that Johns already did the great blockbuster event with Infinite Crisis. So, he tried something new with Final Crisis. And now we have Johns repeating himself?

Anyway, thanks for talking Tim. I know you're a busy guy.

Timothy Callahan said...

It seems pretty clear that the Hawks were retconned back to life because Johns had already written this issue. Same thing with Aquaman's retconned death.

Bruce Castle said...

It's still a bit upsetting.

And this happens so often with Morrison's work.