Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comic Con 2009 Pics

Brian Michael Bendis showed up in disguise so as not to attract attention:

Geoff Johns ruminated on the greatness of Grant Morrison, on camera, for all the world to (eventually) see:

They trotted out Castle Grayskull last year, too. I wonder what happens to it between Comic Cons:

Jeff Lemire and Josh Dysart read this blog every day and beg me to include more photos of them. So I do:

Special feature on the blu-ray "Watchmen" two-disc set. These three show up at your house and punch you in the face:

The Prez:


Did you take the picture yet, I ask? No he did not, apparently.

Jonah may have won the Eisner for CBR, but Dean Trippe and I take all the credit whether we deserve it or not. You can't stop us. (Jessi Awesome's legs can't even get between us and our coveted Eisner.)

Jason Aaron wears his limited edition Morrison tribute glasses while talking about how his favorite comics are ones called "X" and "Men" and written by Chris Claremont:

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Chad Nevett said...

Remember, we get to call ourselves "Eisner-winning reviewers" now. (You can also substitute 'columnist' for 'reviewer,' while I can sub in 'blogger.') Heh.