Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Indy Spotlight: Dave Roman

You know what? I was going to write an analysis of why Dave Roman is one of my favorite independent creators, but I just spent over an hour doing a telephone interview (yet another example of me SETTING THE INTERNET ON FIRE) with Andy from Comic Book Resources, and I need sleep, man. But in fairness to the great Dave Roman, I will share some of my observations about why his work is so damn awesome.

Reason # 1: He's married to Raina Telgemeier, who is super-awesome. In fact, I bought my VERY FIRST mini-comic from Raina about four years ago at the San Diego Comic-Con. Then, after browsing a few more tables, I bought my SECOND (and third and forth and fifth) mini-comic from Dave Roman (who was not seated near Raina). Little did I know that the two would become husband and wife only a couple of years later. Obviously, they were meant to be together, if my taste in awesomeness is to be trusted (and it is).

Reason #2: Both he and Raina share the same birthday. And guess what? It's my birthday too! Yup, May 26th is the joyous celebration of all of our births. Take that all you suckers born on the other 364 pathetic and non-awesome days of the year!

Reason #3: Dave writes the way Walt Whitman wishes he could have written (if he had been involved in a freak time machine accident which catapulted him into a future HE NEVER KNEW). Peep these lines from Astronaut Elementary #4: "Stupid hat / I should have known better based on my past, which is filled with harsh lessons / Ugh, I'm so tired of pandas! They've been going extinct for like ever! / Not that I'm racist against pandas, but that point was so funny that I can't stop the laughing from pouring out! / Or the milk!"

Reason #4: In the astounding Teen Boat, he is able to balance the angst (of being a teen) with the thrill (of being a boat). Only, instead of the thrill (of being a boat), he writes about longing and heartache. And it's so good. Too short, but still excellent. Everything you could possibly hope for in an ongoing mini-comic series that has a LONG OVERDUE ISSUE DEBUTING AT MoCCA! Yes, I will buy it, and so must you. (Seriously, it's like 50 cents, you cheap bastards! Buy it!)

Reason #5: How is he not more famous? Is this a reason why his work is awesome? Not really, but I don't get why Dave Roman is not writing Spider-Man loves Mary Jane right now. I would totally buy it AND possibly shoplift extra copies to give to the homeless orphans. Think about it, Marvel.

If you don't know why Dave Roman is awesome by now, then buy his comics. Visit his website. Follow him home. Peruse his record collection. Ask him to dance.

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