Thursday, January 31, 2013

BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS: A When Words Collide Archive

One of the recurring features within my weekly CBR column in 2012 was something I called "Before They Were Famous" where I would write about the issue of a comic book series right before a more famous run began. I plan to do some more of these at some point in the distant future, but I wanted to have an easy-to-reference list of links to the entries I have already completed, so here it is!

BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS, via When Words Collide and CBR and me:

Swamp Thing #19, by Marty Pasko, right before Alan Moore came in and blew the roof off of American comics.

X-Men #66, the last of the pre-Chris Claremont era X-Men with what seems to be a pretty weak Roy Thomas inventory story.

Captain America #32, the Robert-Kirkman-written ridiculous conclusion to the post-9/11 take on the Sentinel of Liberty, prior to Ed Brubaker's relaunch.

Supreme #40, another pre-Alan Moore comic, where Jim Valentino and Tom and Mary Bierbaum tell something that resembles a story but isn't very good by anyone's reckoning.

Batman #403, by Max Allan Collins, immediately before Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli presented us with the serialized "Batman: Year One."

Incredible Hulk #330, which was Todd McFarlane's first issue but the last of the Al-Milgrom-written issue before Peter David's monumental run began.

Iron Man #115, written by Bill Mantlo, with David Michelinie and Bob Layton waiting to strike in the following issue.

Doom Patrol #18, the final Paul Kupperberg issue before Grant Morrison began his dadaist superhero masterpiece.

If you have any suggestions for other "Before They Were Famous" installments, let me know!

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