Saturday, April 04, 2009

Secret Invasion Reading Order via Chad Nevett

You've been clamoring for it, so Chad Nevett has gone and done it: Bendis Secret Invasion Reading Order.

The question is: Is it WORTH reading again, now that its corpse has grown cold?

What say you?


Chad Nevett said...

I'm not rereading it anytime soon. Really, I just wanted to reread those Nick Fury and his Howlin' Commandos issues since I'm digging Secret Warriors so much. Getting them out just put me in the mood to put everything else in "order." But, now that that's done, I can reread Secret Invasion and that feels... well, not good. It feels... something?

Drew said...

i reread Aaron's Black Panther SI story and loved it. Want to check out Fraction's Thor story, but other than the art the main story left me wanting.

Unknown said...

I recently reread it and it felt like rereading a marshmallow. So NO, I think.

Judd said...

I really dug the side-story Avengers stuff, much moreso than the actual Secret Invasion miniseries. New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, and maybe Punisher War Journal would be the only Secret Invasion stuff I'd purposely reread.

I completly missed Arron's Black Panther storyline. I'm assuming it's good enough to pick up once it inevitably becomes a trade?

Drew said...

actually they pumped the trade out fast, it collects the 3 issues and i've already got it. you should definitely check it out