Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Answer!

The "Guess This Artist" contest from Monday? Not a lot of people tried to figure it out, but the answer is: DARWYN COOKE!

It's almost impossible to recognize this early work (his first published comic book work actually, from DC's New Talent Showcase), but it is indeed the same guy who now writes and draws The Spirit.

The winner of the contest was the Geniusboy Live podcast's #1 super-fan, Elliot. I'm sending him an original crayon drawing of Animal Man as his well-deserved reward.


Elliott said...

I absolutely cannot wait!

Marc Caputo said...

Hey, Timothy! Where have you been? I'm waiting for some Callahan-y goodness. Klock's been doing JLA:Classified 1-3 and I've got a bunch of reviews at mine. Come back, buddy!

Timothy Callahan said...

I'm only doing Mondays and Thursdays now, and I have just finally caught up with my comic book reading (back to school time and all that--you know exactly how it is).

But I've been keeping up with what you guys are writing about.