Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stuff You'll Like: Panelologists

I've been listening to a lot of podcasts all of a sudden, and the one I'm going to recommend most highly isn't one I'm affiliated with in any way. I haven't promoted my book on their show, or done an interview, or anything. But I did spend hour after hour listening to their back catologue today after listening to their "best of" feed on the CGS site. Unlike many comic book podcasts, these two guys, Matt and Jon (based in the U. K.), don't list a bunch of new releases, revel in obscure trivia, or even spend any time reviewing comics. Instead, they discuss the greatness of Rob Liefeld and his ability to draw lots of pouches, enthuse over anything Feedback-related, champion the return of the Green Lantern squirrel Ch'p, and look for hidden ninjas on every page of every comic book. If you like fun, and you hate not fun, check out their podcasts and listen along with me: Quiet! Panelologists at Work

EDITED TO ADD: Okay, I finally listened to ALL of their episodes, and it turns out that they do, in fact, promote my book in episode 22. They do a fake interview with "Timothy Callahan" that is quite brilliant.


Matt Jacobson said...

Just won this on ebay... hopefully it's actually a collection of the whole Phase 1. Otherwise, still not too bad.

Timothy Callahan said...

I'm pretty sure it's a collection of one-third of Phase I. Actually, I'm 100% positive it is. I know it's not issue 3/3 (which is confusingly mislabelled on the cover as 1/3 even though the contents are the last part of Phase I), because I own that reprint, but it could be 1/3 or 2/3.

Okay, I just checked the 2000ADonline website and what you've just won is the first third of Phase 1, but it's labelled as issue 1/1. Then the next part of Phase 1 is labelled issue 1/2, and the one I own is labelled 1/3 as I said above. So, that weird numbering must mean, Phase 1 Part 1, Phase 2 Part 2, etc.

Anyway, you got the first part of Phase 1. So you still have 2 more Phase 1 issues to track down and then all 3 Phase 2 issues.

Phases 3 and 4 were never reprinted by Fleetway in this comic book format, and it turns out that Phase 4 was never reprinted anywhere (even in a trade paperback). So you'll need to grab the 2000AD issues for that Phase at least.

This website lists the Zenith reprints:

Good luck on your hunt. It's definitely some great, great reading.

Matt Jacobson said...

Ah.... I was searcing around online trying to find something that broke it down that way, I was reasonably sure I was gettign either the entirety of Phase 1 or the first chunk of it. Either way, $7.50 didn;t seem too bad (especially if it was the entirety of Phase 1). Thanks for the info.