Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Zenith--not the television

So I've been amassing 2000 AD issues over the past year so I can finally read the entire Morrison/Yeowell "Zenith" run. I don't know the legal situation with this thing, but you just can't find the collected Zenith stuff anywhere. Every once in a while the albums collecting the various Phases will pop up on ebay, but it will inevitably end up costing about $50 per book by the time you pay shipping (every seller I've seen so far is from the UK, and in aquiring these 2000 AD issues I've dealt a lot with the exchange rate and high shipping costs and it's not fun, unless fun=spending a lot of money and waiting months for the items to arrive. Me, I call that fun, but who else does?).

Anyway, I've got nearly the entire collection of Zenith stories--at least the main Phases (I think I'm missing like some anniversary cameo or maybe an epilogue, but that's about it). So now that I've got a critical mass of issues, I've actually begun to read them. And to kick off this blogtastic bloggy blog, I'm going to write about them. So take that, suckers!

Here's my first observation: do they even make Zenith televisions anymore? I know I could easily find that information out, but I'd rather just speculate. I've bought a couple of new televisions over the past few years and I really don't remember Zenith being a brand name that I even looked at. It used to be all about Zenith and Magnavox, didn't it? Or was that just because I was poor? A possibility. None of this has to do with the comics at all, or does it???

Observation #2: The Zenith storyline is just better by far than anything else in those particular issues of 2000 AD. And when I post next, I will go into more detail. You just wait.

Observation #3: Remember when Grant Morrison used to revamp every superhero by having them wear jackets? That was good times wasn't it? He even did it with the X-Men. Furry little a jacket! I mock, but seriously, it was, and is, my favorite stuff. But the cool thing about Zenith is that it's the 80's, so you not only have the jacket, but the jacket has shoulder pads, and the shoulder pads are studded. Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell, I bow to you.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to enjoy your unsound ramblings. Please keep up the work.

Timothy Callahan said...

Ninja Wolf---I should have known you'd be back. Next time, it's personal.