Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Why I Write Comics

I'm really making a push to get my comic book writing career firmly underway this summer, and I have a couple of creator-owned works in the pipeline (no publishers yet, just a lot of "looks great--show us more when it's finished," so if you're a publisher and you want to be in business with me, let me know: tcallah [AT] hotmail.com). And while my artists are working on the stuff I've scripted, I'm pitching to some editors here and there.

But one of the reasons I love writing comics more than prose is that magic of collaboration.

My friend and collaborator Todd Casey, who's working with me on our Steeple City graphic novel, just sent me the page on the left here. I wrote this Steeple City page but you know what I didn't include in the panel description? A grappling hook! Todd added that grappling hook to the scene, and I love it all the more. It may not seem like much to you, but when you ask for a panel of a rabbit rifling through some old junk, you don't expect a grappling hook, and yet there it is. Genius!

That's why I write comics. For the surprise grappling hook moments.


Kris Krause said...

Good luck with your comic. Any chance we'll see Grant Morrison writing a prose book that analyzes your early comic works one day?

And if he did, would you in turn have to analyze the book that analyzes you? For completion's sake, I mean.

Timothy Callahan said...

I would, but since we are all just fictional characters inside your brain, it's really up to you.