Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CBR and San Diego and Me

As you know, Comic-Con International: San Diego begins tomorrow with the magical "Preview Night" and continues through the less-magical "Sunday, day of weeping and vendors showing up late and everyone napping after it's all over."

I have A LOT on my agenda for the next week, most of which will relate to Comic Book Resources and all of which will be available here for your enjoyment, on the also-magical internet.

For CBR, I'll be...
  • Covering seven panels--you can read my coverage of Stan Lee and Grant Morrison, Vertigo, the Goon, Dave Gibbons and Chip Kidd, and so much more.
  • Contributing questions for Jonah Weiland's video interviews with Morrison, Gerard Way, Geoff Johns, James Robinson, and Sterling Gates.
  • Writing daily features on "Timothy Callahan's Adventures in San Diego," which may or may not run until after the show, but they will be magnificent.
  • Debuting my new, long-anticipated weekly CBR column, in which I say smart stuff about comics. The first entry should be posted sometime next week, and it's entitled "In Defense of Superhero Comics."
For Sequart, I'll be...
  • Discussing the concept of the ambitious failure and how it relates to comics with my friend, and yours, Chad Nevett.
For GeniusboyFiremelon, I'll be...
  • Updating you on all of the stuff above, when it goes live.
  • Counter-programming against myself, since I can't compete with my own SDCC coverage, by posting daily about the soon-to-be-completed First Annual GeniusboyFiremelon Bi-Coastal 24-Hour (Non-Consecutive) Film Festival. You'll get to read my thoughts on the following classic and contemporary films and more:
Gotham Knight
Inglorious Bastards
Shoot 'em Up
Batman Forever
Batman and Robin
PTU: Police Tactical Unit
Thin Blue Line
The Dark Knight

Oh, and I'm scheduled to review the new Immortal Iron Fist issue as well.

Edited to add: Greg Burgas reminds me that I'm looking forward to meeting my hero, Greg Burgas.

How can I possibly get all of this done and still have fun in San Diego?



Greg said...

You missed the most important thing - meeting your hero, Greg Burgas!!!!!

Timothy Callahan said...

Oh yeah. Consider that added.