Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Back from L. A. -- hopped on a plane just a few hours after the earthquake (which felt like a train rumbling by, and that's about it).

I'll link to the rest of my San Diego coverage after I catch up on my sleep and get reoriented. But I'm glad to be home. I haven't hugged my kids in two weeks, and it was great to do so again. (When I try to hug other people's kids, the parents usually just flip out and call the authorities.)

I also have a couple of comic book reviews that should be up at CBR tonight or tomorrow, but it's been three weeks since I've picked up my comics (I've been reviewing from the Marvel pdfs), and I'm going to have a giant stack to buy tomorrow. What should I read first? What was the best stuff from the past three weeks (besides Ambush Bug, obviously)?

This is a big weekend for me, with "The Art of Joe Staton" exhibit opening in Pittsfield, with my pal Lawrence Klein (of MoCCA) as curator and me in charge of the programming. You should all come to the opening reception on Saturday (Aug 2nd) at 5:00 at the Storefront Artist Project.

More details to follow.


marcwrz said...

it figures that I'll be in Boston on the 2nd.

but hey red sox tickets don't come cheap.

so I'm going. haha

however, next week, we need to get together for lunch Tim to discuss what exactly I'm doing for this Making Monsters thing I'm doing haha.

Timothy Callahan said...

Yes we do.

E-mail me when you get back.

Malpractice said...

whatever happened to the rest of the movie reviews??? I was looking foward to TDK one lol

Timothy Callahan said...

Yes the film fest reviews were kicked to the curb and they shall return. I will finish what I have started.

Probably next week.

Molly said...

Oh my god your kids have gotten so big, but they are still so adorable.