Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Morrison's Head Talks Batman, Joker, and Black Glove

I didn't realize Grant Morrison's new site had exclusive content until Jog pointed it out, but, yeah, it does--when you register, you get words from the head of Grant Morrison himself, and here's what he says about present and future Batman issues:
Can YOU guess the identity of the Black Glove? I keep thinking it’s so upfront, so obvious, that readers will inevitably demand an impromptu hanging when the reveal is revealed but, as ever, the looming possibility of public execution is part of the fun of writing BATMAN. Issue 678 is my gift to fans of the Dark Knight who’ve always dreamed of seeing a strung-out, psychologically-pulverized Bruce Wayne staggering across Gotham City in search of a heroin dealer. Holy Harry the horse, Batman!
And since I know every living thing is crouched with bated breath for his return…NO, there’s no Joker yet. He’s coming in #679 and will, of course, stride like a colossus across #680, the issue before the FINAL revelation of the identity of the Black Glove.
Issue #679 is the NEXT ISSUE! Joker is coming just in time for Heath Ledger's final bow.

And issue #681 will reveal the Black Glove as Alfred, or Bruce Wayne, or Thomas Wayne Jr., or Jezebel Jet, or the Joker. Finally. And then we'll all get to see how right I was.


Moored said...

I made a blog post, I did, I did. Guess this will teach you a lesson. READ MY BLOG :P

Kris Krause said...

Yeah, the Head section of Morrison's site is nice and I hope it is updated frequently as time goes on.

And while we're talking about Morrison's site, I saw that he has a published collection of short prose works, entitled Lovely Biscuits, but that it's out of print and going for $350 on Ever read Morrison's prose work, Tim? As a primarily prose writer (damn you undependable artists!), I'd love to read/read about some of Morrison's prose beyond "The Clown at Midnight."

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