Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Detective Comics #846 Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Detective Comics #846, about which I write the following sentences: "The real attraction in this issue is Nguyen's artwork. I find it endlessly frustrating that Grant Morrison has been saddled with mediocre artists on his well-crafted 'Batman' run, while Paul Dini has had the good fortune to land Nguyen as his collaborator in what has been a series of solid, but unspectacular issues. Imagine the real 'Batman R.I.P.' with Nguyen! He brings a sharp sense of design to every page, and he knows how to spot blacks as well as any superhero artists working today. His characters inhabit a sinister world, but they glide through it sleekly, swiftly. Nguyen's Batman is a razor-sharp blade of vengeance, and he can maneuver from quiet flashbacks to subdued drama to lightning-quick action will grace and skill. If you're buying this issue for the 'Batman R.I.P.' tie-in, you'll be disappointed, but you might find a lot to like here anyway. Come for the misleading advertising, stay for the Nguyen.""

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James said...

I've only looked at a couple of issues, but much as I like Dustin Nguyen, I find it frustrating that the interiors don't look more like the covers, or his work on Manifest Eternity.