Sunday, July 06, 2008


Chad Nevett and I decided to take a look at Vertigo comics and how the imprint has changed over the years. We make plenty of recommendations and identify our all-time Vertigo Top Five.

Like Flex Mentallo, for example--that's in my Top Five because it's FLEX MENTALLO, just look at it!

It's not in Chad's top five, but he throws out a list that's full of great stuff, too.

Guess what book makes both of our lists? You might be surprised.

For all this and more, check out the newest installment of the internet's controversy-causing one-on-one discussion, the Splash Page.

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Chad Nevett said...

Flex Mentallo is number six. Missed it by THIS much.

Marc Sobel said...

Seems like the comments feature at Sequart is permanently broken, so I thought I'd add my two cents here.

I think your lists are pretty good, but I would definitely add Sandman Mystery Theatre. Probably even at #2 or 3. The series was always good as far as art goes (most of it was done by Guy Davis), but the stories got really outstanding in the mid-20s and stayed pretty consistent until the end (#70). The reason that it's overlooked, I think, is that the first 16 issues or so were not quite as solid, and a lot of people wrote the series off. But it's definitely worth reading. I read the entire series again last year and it was even better than I remembered.

Ultimate Matt said...

Preacher is number 1 for me, hands down. Just like Chad, lots of moments in Alalmo moved me nearly to tears. Plus, I started reading it in Senior year of High School and all through college, along with my brother and a couple of good friends, so it's hard to beat that emotional connection. The rest:
2. Flex Mentallo
3. Shade, the Changing Man - It's a crime that this series hasn't been collected so people can discover it; it deserves to be considered up there with The Invisibles, Sandman, Preacher and Transmet.
4. The Invisibles
5. Human Target? Have to think on that one.

I got Northlanders 1-5 on a whim, they did nothing for me. I sold them on ebay just to clear out some room. I read the first Scalped trade and thought it was good but didn't blow me away. Am I braindamaged?

Chad Nevett said...

The Human Target is a damn good book. I still need to get the uncollected singles, though. Hmm. Should probably get on that.

Timothy Callahan said...

I've read every Sandman Mystery Theatre issue, and I like it--but not as much as the others in my Top 5.

Timothy Callahan said...

Matt--I think now that the summer is here, you should reread Scalped and get the first Northlanders trade when it comes out. You will like them, but you need to be willing to become immersed in their pace, and not expect their pace to conform to your busy schedule. I know I loved Scalped so much more when I read all the assembled issues at my leisure, instead of racing through them like I raced through so much in my life.

Or maybe you just don't like them. Could be that.

(They are REALLY good, though.)

Ultimate Matt said...

Scalped I fully intend to re-read and to check out the second trade; I've heard too many good things not to give it another shot. Plus, admittedly, I read volume 1 for free in Borders in one sitting, which is not the ideal way to read it, I know.