Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jog, Omega, and My Top 10 So Far

Jog has a review of Lethem and Dalrymple's Omega the Unknown posted at the Savage Critics, and I think it's one of the best pieces he's ever written. He articulates what's so remarkable about the difficult-to-articulate series. I share his opinion about Omega, but he was far more fond of issue #10 then I was, although he has the benefit of reading the entire run before commenting upon the finale, while I have only issue #10 in my hands here on my trip to L.A., while the rest of my comics are back home. And without a fresh rereading of issues #1-9, issue #10 isn't completely satisfying, although it's still very good. I sent Augie my review of it and he'll probably post it in the next day or so.

In my review, I mentioned that Lethem and Dalrymple's Omega will probably make my end of the year Top 10 list -- or I speculated that it might. And I do think that it will, especially after I read the whole series in one sitting. But now I'm wondering what else might make my Top 10 Comics list. I know it's only July, but since I brought up the idea in my Omega review, I'm thinking about other stuff I liked this year.

Here's what I've liked a lot this year, and if I had to make the Best of... list right now, this is what it might look like:

1. Casanova
2. Northlanders
3. Omega the Unknown
4. Batman
5. Scalped
6. Skyscrapers of the Midwest
7. Umbrella Academy
8. Captain America
9. Tiny Titans
10. Incredible Hercules

Many of these titles will get bumped by the end of the year, probably, but what else am I missing so far? What other quality comics have come out this year? What would be on your "so far" list?

Oh, yeah, and I mentioned it above, but I'm in Los Angeles right now -- and I will be for the week leading up to the San Diego Comic-Con. Stop me in the streets and say hi.


md said...

Final Crisis? Or are you waiting for it to end?

Timothy Callahan said...

I suspect Final Crisis might crack the Top 10. But it's about number 12 or 13 so far.

ALSO: I forgot Criminal! That should be somewhere in the Top 10. Maybe at #7.

monstermike said...

All Star Superman #10?

Timothy Callahan said...

Oh yeah, All-Star Supes! That's going to be a Top Fiver! Good call.