Sunday, July 27, 2008

My San Diego Coverage

In addition to posting about my adventures over the past week (with two more "Adventures" posts still to come), I've been covering panels galore, and if you haven't been keeping up with the Comic-Con coverage (because, let's be honest, there's a LOT of it), then here's what you might be interested in. Because this is what I've been covering:


JayW said...

Hi Tim -

Great blog - you helped fill in some of the pieces in Morrison's R.I.P. for me, although I still think this entire storyline is occuring within Bruce's head. I.E. "Rest in PEACE." Anyway, my Con question for you is to ask what the hell Eric Powell was up to in his panel? Acting like he was drunk and out of control? What the heck was that all about?

Keep up the great work-

Jay W

Timothy Callahan said...

The Eric Powell panel was one of the longest 60 minutes in my life. I guess he thought it was funny???