Thursday, October 30, 2008

When Words Collide: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Good news for WWC fans: Jonah Weiland, head honcho of Comic Book Resources, has given me the go-ahead to continue with my weekly column. You probably didn't realize this, but I was on kind of a three-month trial, and if readers weren't flocking to my once-a-week babble sessions, "When Words Collide" would have gotten yanked from the regular rotation.

But traffic has been very good and everyone is pleased and that means I get to keep writing, and you get to keep reading.

So, I thank you, regular readers! You are as awesome as everyone says you are.

This week's WWC is all about those embarrassing teenage comic book ideas we tend to have. The ones that seem like brilliant ideas for comics when we're 15, but, in retrospect, seem pretty terrible.

I even got heavyweights like Marv Wolfman, Matt Fraction, and Jason Aaron to weigh in on the topic, along with members of the Draper-Carlson clan.

Check it out: "It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time," in this week's "When Words Collide."


Chad Nevett said...

My best "bad" character from my youth: The Bouncer. He was a big strong guy with bull-like horns and he used to work as a bouncer.

Timothy Callahan said...

He would be an awesome villain to fight against the dynamic Dr. Dart.

David Uzumeri said...

You had a doubt?!? When Words Collide is one of my favorite weekly reads, so I hope it's around for a good, long, long, long, long while. Thanks for your continuing insight, man, it enriches my comic-reading experience every time.

marcwrz said...

I'll play:

Headbanger - speedball meets cannonball and he was heavy metal man!

Goldrush - Colossus. But Gold. Seriously. Haha

Warp - A super speedster. who wore grey and had a lightning bolt and shades.

These are just a few and they were all crudely drawn.

If I have my way, they'll all show up in some future project as cannon fodder. haha

Also, congrats on the column, been loving it so far Tim.

James said...

Man, I doubt many of mine lasted longer than half a day/drawing, but I dimly recall:

MOONROCK! He was like the Thing, only white, and got his powers from... some moon-rock? I think he could change back and forth from being a regular dude, and maybe the change was trigger by moonlight? He got modified whenever I first glimpsed a picture of Hellboy, into a guy with one big Moonrock-y arm. Now that this dynamite pitch is online, I expect he'll be fighting Red Hulk in a few issues. (Zing!)

Congratulations on your CBR-residency, Tim.

Keith Dallas said...

Hey Timothy,

I just wanted to congratulate you on the extension of your CBR column! You've earned it with your interesting and intelligent commentary! Keep it up!

Vanja said...

It's a good column, but I still think that some of the people you asked shied away from telling about some of the really bad characters they've created.

Timothy Callahan said...

Why do you assume that?

DeepSpaceTransmissions said...

Hey Tim, glad the column's sticking around. I like it a lot. I was reading some Dial H for Hero issues of Adventure not too long ago and spotted some semi-famous names in there. Zeep the Living Sponge, later mocked as a member of Hero Hotline, created by a 14 year old Stephen DeStefano, artist on... Hero Hotline.
I think their might have been a Kurt Busiek one in there too, I forget who though. And Silver Fog was created by Harlan Ellison. What a book! Reckon any of those t-shirts ever come up on ebay?
I'm a fellow Morrison fanatic and loved the book. Keep up the good work!

Julian Darius said...

Great news. It's really a great column, and I read it every week.