Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Cure for the Superhero Blues Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

Last week, Chad Nevett expressed some discontentment with the state of the average superhero comic book. This week, we've decided to devote the Splash Page to discussing the possible cure for the ol' superhero blues.

We don't ignore superhero comics -- we discuss the ones that rise above the rest. But we also talk about other comics that snap us out of that nasty superhero funk readers can sometimes get into.

We actually had this discussion on Friday of last week, but I'm just getting around to mentioning it here because I, um, kind of forgot. Must be all those superhero comics making me go all brain dead.

Anyway, to cure your superhero blues, check out the newest installment of the internet's #1 source for the awesome: The Splash Page.

Or, click HERE.

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Justin said...

Hi Tim,

Love your site, nice to see LOCAL getting some additional play. I recently did a tag team review of it here if you're interested: