Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Invincible Iron Man #6 Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

I reviewed "Invincible Iron Man" #6 yesterday, but Chad Nevett and I wanted to take a closer look at the issue, mostly because Chad kind of hated it, and I kind of didn't. Chad doesn't like a lot of superhero comics these days, and in our discussion we try to get to the bottom of that general sense of disappointment.

Is Chad wrong? Or are so many superhero comics really that lame?

Really, it's not even about "Invincible Iron Man" #6, except it TOTALLY IS.

Read what we have to say in this week's installment of the play-at-home version of the internet's largest and most comprehensive resource for passive aggressive chit-chat: The Splash Page.

Click HERE, if you prefer.


Chad Nevett said...

It's actually about breasts, Tim. Dead serious.

Timothy Callahan said...

Focus next week: Greg Horn!