Wednesday, October 29, 2008

DC Universe: Decisions #4

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: DC Universe Decisions #4, about which I write the following sentences: "'DC Universe: Decisions' #3 ended with a shocking revelation: the villain behind the series of suicide bombings which targeted presidential candidates was none other than ex-Teen Titan Jericho. And it was shocking, because the character appeared out of nowhere, taking over the body of Hal Jordan. Jericho wasn't even a character in the first two issues from what I can remember, and that's the kind of series this is: random things happen without much reason, until it eventually comes to a crashing halt."

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Dean Trippe said...

I really couldn't agree with you more on DCU Decisions. I'm pretty sure every single character is acting out of character. I thought about writing an essay explaining how far off the mark they are on Lois Lane in particular.

Timothy Callahan said...

I really can't get over how Clark's refusal to discuss his political decision is some sort of "noble" act at the end of the issue. It's like a relic from fifty years ago when women weren't supposed to be able to understand the complex decisions made by their husbands.

How about rational political discussion between spouses? Why the secrecy?

Maybe this is all step one to get people ready for the Lois/Clark un-marriage!

David Uzumeri said...

What's astonishing about Decisions is how they seem to be working with these idealized mirrors of the Republican and Democratic parties. Apparently, the ideological disagreements are all just about the free market, size of government, etc. All of these candidates, with regards to social views, seem to be default liberal, because having Wonder Woman endorse an ultra-right-wing candidate, in something resembling the real world, would mean Wonder Woman endorsing the abolition of Roe v. Wade. And, I mean, I doubt she would do that publicly even if it was to find a killer.

And yeah, Clark's treatment of Lois is basically like a scene out of Mad Men, especially since Lois keeps acting like a petulant child. And the concept of a years-married couple not knowing the other's political leanings is laughable.

marcwrz said...

....I think I'm actually dumber for reading this comic. Ouch.

Even Winick's Green Arrow seemed out of character...did these guys even really write this or was this just editors taking a loose plot idea and going with since I don't think either of these writers are brilliant but this tripe is below even them.