Thursday, October 02, 2008

Remember Baltimore?

Once upon a time, I went to the Baltimore Comic-Con with my bestest pal, Mike Phillips. Then I sort of wrote about it for CBR.

Because that's what I do.

Read "All Roads Lead to Baltimore" in the newest edition of the internet's very own "When Words Collide.

If I left you out of my narrative, I apologize. You obviously just didn't buy me enough beers.


Anonymous said...

"Why Must There Be a Plaid Superman?"

Obviously, somebody hasn't memorized the 52 Earths.

Superman-Plaid is supposed to be a major player in 'In Blackest Night'. The Plaid Lanterns come to help defeat the Black Lanterns in the last Showdown, after overcoming the polka-dot immunity in the central power battery.

Timothy Callahan said...

Zebra-stripes Superman-Prime will have something to say about that!

mike phillips said...

My fondest memory of the con weekend (microwaved scallops aside) is a darkened hotel room, watching stuff on Tim's laptop that would definitely have earned me an atomic wedgie in high school.

Did the lights HAVE to be off? Probably not. Did we HAVE to be in our super-friends undies? Affirmative.