Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Terror Titans #1 Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Terror Titans #1 about which I write the following sentences: "So 'Terror Titans' isn't going to astonish you with anything revolutionary. It's the kind of comic that you could put in a time capsule as a representation of a typical DC book, circa 2008. Joe Bennett and Jack Jadson represent the DC house style just about as well as anyone, and the comic's focus on a large cast of costumed characters who are all morally compromised sounds like the standard monthly fare under Dan DiDio's watch. That doesn't make it bad at all. I like what Bennett and Jadson do, particularly with the fight scenes, and I like the slightly sordid air permeating this subterranean superhuman world. But there's nothing here you haven't seen before, and if that's okay with you, it's okay with me. (For the record: it's okay with me no matter what.)"

Read the entire review HERE.

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