Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Green Lantern Corps #29 Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Green Lantern Corps #29, about which I write the following sentences: "I don't usually read comics just for the characters. I don't necessarily feel an obsessive need to collect continuous runs if the creators aren't doing a good job. But I did stick with 'Green Lantern Corps' longer than I should have, just because I like all things Green and Lanterny, and I'm glad I did. The early issues of this series were fine, but nothing that made me eager to read more, and except for the Dave Gibbons-drawn Guy Gardner spotlight story, I didn't enjoy this series all that much. I liked the 'Sinestro Corps' crossover issues, though, and ever since Peter Tomasi has settled into the writer's seat I've been reading this comic more eagerly each and every month. Tomasi has turned 'Green Lantern Corps' into one of DC's best superhero comics, and I'm glad I stuck around to see it happen."

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Mr Sensitive said...

How did Ice return from the dead again? Because surely she's a Black Lantern, or at least part of the BL plot. The issue seemed to be structured to show the current 'attacks' on the GLC: the Guardians concerned about the Zamarons show of aggression, Kyle and co concerned about the impact of the eyeballs and Kryb the baby killer on the rookie Lanterns and the Corps as a whole. What better way to attack Guy than through his heart?

It seemed that Tomasi is hiding it in plain sight. Otherwise when everything else is leading up to Blackest Night, I can't see how Ice's return can't be related to that story.

Timothy Callahan said...

I think Ice returned near the end of Gail Simone's Birds of Prey run. It's possible that there's a Blackest Night connection, but there doesn't have to be one for her character to make sense here.

She's one of the few things Guy cares about from Earth.

Mr Sensitive said...

I think you're probably right Tim, but I'm like Zur-Enn-Arrh Batman, seeing connections in everything!

Thought both GL issues were good. As you mentioned, Tomasi has really taken the ball and not only run with it but really made it his own. I was contemplating switching to trades for both GLC and GL proper before reading the latest issues, but Tomasi pulled out another strong issue, and Gleason doing a whole issue really helps too.

Was really feeling bored with Secret Origin too. I looked at the cover and saw it was part 7. Part 7!!! Why Geoff Johns, why? Way too decompressed was my main complaint about it, and the double page spread of Hal and Sinestro with the Guardians at the start was making me feel vindicated about that. But man, that ending. "So I wrote it down for you." Perfect, just perfect. Johns sneaks in some surprisingly emotional and tender moments into the series, not so surprising given that it is about the emotional spectrum, but all the misgivings I had about the series losing momentum since Sinestro Corps War were washed away with these last few pages.

Andrew Wales said...

I bought the first ten issue of this comic and I thought it totally rocked. I am a big fan of Kilowog. I always hated Guy Gardner, but this comic made me enjoy seeing his character. When he mooned Batman -- that was a classic~! I guess I crossed it off my list because I had to get selective for budget reasons. I always thought it would be a good choice for tpb.