Sunday, October 26, 2008

Final Crisis #4 and Secret Invasion #7 Hit THE SPLASH PAGE

Last Wednesday brought us two Morrison-penned Final Crisis comics and two Bendis-penned Secret Invasion comics, so how could Chad Nevett and I not talk about them?

Obviously, we did.

And it's really a great opportunity to contrast Morrison to Bendis, DC to Marvel, Black Lightning to Noh-Varr, and, um, let's say bacon and Canadian bacon. Probably not the bacon so much.

But Chad and I do say some pretty insightful stuff about the structural poetics of both event books, laying out deep and meaningful theories that will probably end up as citations in scholarly papers for generations to come.

Just get over to the Splash Page and read it! You'll see!

Or, as per usual, click HERE.


Anonymous said...

I always forget Lex Luthor wrote Final Crisis.

David Uzumeri said...

And Charlie Runkel from Californication writes Secret Invasion!

What's so disappointing about SI is that originally everyone seemed so excited about it, but if you look at Bendis talking about it he really just seems to spend all his time waxing poetic about Yu's art (which is gorgeous), and then pimping how awesome Dark Reign is going to be. Didn't they even say Joe Q was way more interested in DR than SI? Which is a total shame, especially when you consider the fact that SI is like their most drawn-out, extended crossover yet. I think Dark Reign is gonna be the bee's knees and remind everybody of why they enjoyed the ongoing drama of Bendis's Avengers books so much in the first place, but this last issue of SI especially, as well as that awful Captain Marvel issue, just felt... almost vapid.