Monday, November 17, 2008

Young Liars #9 Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

You can't tell by this image, but the final cover of Young Liars #9 features a pull quote by none other than me. It's just one more step in my long walk toward unprecedented fame and fortune.

Sure, I'm not credited with the quote, but that doesn't mean I didn't write it. And sure, people probably aren't going to search for the relevant review and find out which brilliant CBR writer penned such an evocative and precise line of criticism, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't.

Let's face it. I'm a pretty big deal.

You know who else is a big deal: Chad Nevett. And when he and I get together to discuss Young Liars #9, it's like an epic battle of greats doing great things while wallowing in their greatness.

You should check out this week's Splash Page to see it all.

Or click away: HERE.


Chad Nevett said...

Hey, I immediately recogised that as your quote. Why? Because I care.

Ultimate Matt said...

Danny has a martyr complex when it comes to Sadie: he thinks it's his job, his duty, to save her and to sacrifice for her. He's really a very selfish guy, motivated entirely by what will make him feel good about himself in regards to Sadie. I wrote all about this at my blog, and what I wrote is pretty much the smartest thing anyone will ever read about anything.

Timothy Callahan said...

I can't believe how many geniuses are in this comment thread right now. It's the greatest collection of minds ever.

Mike Phillips need not apply.

Greg said...

You know, I've been writing pithy remarks about Young Liars as long as you have, and while I'm clearly not as smart as you are, I do have more hair. That should count for something in the pull quote world!

I'm going to go cry now.

(I actually thought it might be your quote on the cover. We bow to your fame!)

Mike Phillips said...

THE GUNSLINGER is a work of genius. Jerk.