Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Glimpse at What I've Been Writing

Art by Todd Casey, Simone Guglielmini, and Pat O'Donnell


Kris Krause said...

So is this an indication that the project is close to being released, or is this a regularly scheduled tease about something still far off?

Anonymous said...

Damn, some sharp-looking pages. Good figure work. Looking forward to seeing more.

marcwrz said...

can't wait to see the final project!

Vanja said...

Really professional work. Love the more realistic pages, they have a true Winslade/Jimenez look.

Timothy Callahan said...

We're a long way from release--and in most cases, I'm still waiting for a bit more art to send along with my pitches.

But I'm glad you all like it. These artists are fantastic!

I just wanted to share, because it's such cool-looking stuff.

FrF said...

Tim, I don't see any art! What's wrong with me?

(BTW, thanks for recommending "Fantastic Four: True Story".)

Timothy Callahan said...

Did you like it, FrF?

And I don't know why you can't see the images. I can!

FrF said...

I haven't read "True Story" so I can't really say much about it except that glimpses of details of issue 1 (and of course your review before that) tell me this isn't your garden variety Marvel Comic.

I'm thinking about panels like the one where Reed says "Depression is the enemy of creative thought" and Sue replies that the movie version of "Josy and the Pussycats" is "the only fiction" Reed likes - which sounds kind of on-character to me, given that a lot of people leaning towards Hard Science aren't that interested in what one would conventionally call "good art".

I suppose "I could always lose myself in a good book" is something you don't hear very often in a mainstream comic. And indeed, on the previous page Sue tries to read Joyce's "Ulysses" while zoning out some stock altercation between Ben and Johnny.

Ah, this comic looks indeed promising!

Does the presentation of your preview art somehow involve Flash or Shockwave? My ancient version of Firefox has regularly problems with these formats.