Friday, November 14, 2008

Mo and Jo: Fighting Together Forever Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Mo and Jo: Fighting Together Forever, about which I write the following sentences: "This isn't a book built on a pervading logic, nor should it be. It's full of childish whimsy as the two kids, with costumes labeled 'Mo' and 'Jo' fight the supervillain Saw-Jaw whose sinister plan involves popping a gigantic hippopotamus parade balloon. The story is really a parable about the importance of teamwork, but as a parent, I appreciate that the lesson isn't so heavy-handed as to ruin a good story. The kids couldn't win without teamwork, but Lynch and Haspiel don't hit the reader of the head with the message any more than necessary. This is a book that revels in the silliness of kid superheroes fighting a lizard guy who's trying to pop a giant balloon, and it's all the better for it."

Read the entire review HERE.

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