Thursday, November 20, 2008

When Words Collide: Twilight of the Space Gods

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez is a continually under-appreciated artist. Sure, he has a "Modern Masters" book devoted to him, and all the cool kids have their complete run of "Atari Force" (of which he only drew the early issues anyway), but Garcia-Lopez deserves to be in museums. He deserves Wizard Top 10 status. He deserves to be tattooed on your forehead.

Or, if not that, then he at least deserves a reprinting of "Twilight," which has some of that fancy po-mo deconstruction by way of Howard Chaykin.

It's good. It's out of print. And I write about it in this week's "When Words Collide."


randyhate said...

Twilight was one of my favorite comics of whatever year it came out in. Of course I have only met 2 other people that even know of its existence, and only one of them read it.

I read it after finding all the American Flagg! issues in back issues boxes where I promised myself that I would never let another Chaykin book slip by my radar.

And yes the art was fantastic.

Thank you so much for highlighting a great book that needs far better reader saturation.

Marc Caputo said...

Another fine job, Timothy. I just eBayed the set and should be enjoying it in a week or so.

I'd love to see more stuff like this; my relationship with current comics is deteriorating rapidly; I'm desperate for stuff like this (especially from the late 80s/early 90s) to keep me alive until this Secret Invasion/Final Crisis drag is over.

Chad Nevett said...

Yeah, because I needed ANOTHER series to hunt down. Thanks, man. Really.

James Figueiredo said...

Hi, long time reader, first time poster here!

The art on this series is nothing short of AWESOME - And you're totally right, Garcia-Lopez deserves a lot more praise than he gets these days...

I've been looking for a couple of years now for the remaining Twilight issue that's missing from my collection, and I can't express the joy I felt when, reading DC's solicitation for February, I saw that they've reunited Garcia-Lopez with Kevin Nowlan for a Batman Confidential arc.

In my mind, their collaboration on Dr. Strangefate is perhaps THE best looking comic of the last 20 years or so!