Saturday, November 29, 2008

Batman #681 Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

Sick of talking about the end of "Batman R.I.P" yet?

Chad Nevett and I discuss the issue, its implications for the future of the Bat-franchise, and/or whether or not we "get it" in the newest installment of the internet's best place for comic book dialogue: The Splash Page.

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Anonymous said...

My own personal "This is how DC really screws this up" theory.

Bruce is alive - somewhere.

Dick becomes Batman - no-brainer.

Damian becomes Robin - Why?

Wouldn't Dick and Tim be much more interesting? Yes it would - but this is DC and Morrison brought Damian back into continuity - so now he's Robin.

The way DC will do it - I fear:

Dick becomes Batman, Damian becomes Robin. Tim becomes Red Robin. Jason is a pissed off loser in a red mask and a leather jacket who's out to prove himself (boring!)

Dick gets killed by Jason - it's Damian's fault. Bruce comes back to avenge Dick's death. They defeat Jason - send him to Arkham and Tim becomes Nightwing to honor Dick.

Morrison is happy because Damian is Robin. Didio is happy because Dick Grayson is dead. The End.

Kris Krause said...

I don't think there will be a Bat-character named Nightwing after Battle for the Cowl. DC seems really intent on bringing that identity back to the Superman franchise, which seems to be another big clue that Dick Grayson is going to be the next Batman because going from Nightwing to Red Robin would make no sense.

Everything's so far off though. DC is hitting us with filler, though some of it looks like fun filler, for the first 5 months of 2009 so we probably won't hear anything about Morrison's (hopeful) return to the book until February around the New York Comic Con.

David Uzumeri said...

Just FYI, the links have &edit in them

Chad Nevett said...

Kris--I thought of the Kandor-related stuff, but hope they retain the Nightwing identity's association with the Bat-books. I mentioned this on my blog a few weeks ago, but I'd like to see the Nightwing identity become like the college/university role... with Robin being high school and Batman being professional in a way. Nightwing is the former Robin having to go it solo, but without the responsibility of being the top hero or having to train someone.

Timothy Callahan said...

Oops. Fixed the links.

I too think Nightwing will be part of the Batman world, although maybe not for a little while. Maybe they'll put the identity to rest for a few years.

David Uzumeri said...

I'd guess that while DC might be happy having related characters out there with the same name (like the Green Lanterns and the Flashes, Alan Scott grandfathered in), having both Dick Grayson as Nightwing in the Batman sphere and Maybe Conner Kent as Nightwing in the Superman sphere might be deemed too confusing.

Shecky Shabazz said...

I don't think Nightwing works as a legacy. The identity is too boring and bland for that. It's basically Robin grown up with a bad costume. Take Dick Grayson out of it and you're left with little more than the most un-iconic costume in comics.

Anonymous said...


I think the potshots at Paul Dini's run on 'Tec are totally uncalled for. You may not like it as much as Morrison, and it may not have the "potential" for greatness that Morrison's run had. But at the end of the day, Dini's at least paid off.

Moreover: You may not know enough Aristotle to appreciate it, but he made Hush the most vicious Aristotelian I know of, in any form of literature. (That's quite a philosophical task, by the way, given Aristotle's emphasis on virtue.) Heart of Hush, at least, was more complicated than you suggest.

And his epilogue to Resurrection was better than any other part of the saga.

I'm not saying you have to like it better than Morrison's handling--I am not sure I do--but the way you guys treat Dini's run is just silly.

Timothy Callahan said...

I like Dini's Detective, but it's all text and no subtext. There's not much "there" there.

Anonymous said...

Morrison's run ended up being all sub and no text.

Eric Garrison said...

I think that a lot of the current editorial direction has everything to do with Dan Didio. I think there's been too much interference in Batman RIP, and am convinced that the ending was rewritten.I think there should be more independence between DC's departments. Dennis O'neill ran a solid department, and probably has the best run of Batman stories in history.

Heart of Hush was a perfect Batman story. It utilized some great character moments, and also honored the status quo.

I think Paul Dini is one of the best Batman writers of the last 15 years. He clearly understands the character, and can write complete stories.

RIP had a lot of symbolism, but not enough meat. How can we still be wondering about the villains identity. Wasn't this supposed to be an easy answer? I felt let down by the ending of RIP. There was no "shocking and horrifying truths".

CheeksTTW said...

My has always been Dick = Batman, Damien = Robin (I don't like him but he's not Going anywhere), and Tim = Nightwing. I can't think of any references that Morrison's even acknowledged Jason Todd's ressurection and in his appearences in Nightwing and Robin it seems like he's been kind of shoehorned in possibly to gain exposure for his role in countdown. My point is I don't think there is a long term place for JT in the Batman family. All that aside I was originally posting a comment because I have been unable to access the splash page in any way. Not only do the links on this page not work no links work anywhere that I can find and I don't know the URL.

Chad Nevett said...

Sequart appears to be down at the moment.

Garland said...

WHAT IS UP WITH THE LINKS on this post. Have not worked for days.