Monday, November 10, 2008

Justice Society of America #20 Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

I really like Geoff Johns. He's a long-term plotter who can nail the big moments, and he's the best of the "traditional" superhero writers working today.

Chad Nevett doesn't like Geoff Johns. Sure, he likes the guy, personally, after interviewing him a few years back, but Chad can't read a Geoff Johns comic. He's practically incapable of it. They make him sad for humanity.

So what happens when Tim and Chad throw down over the newest issue of Justice Society of America #20? Not much, really. They kind of agree, finding a safe middle ground to talk about everything Johns, continuity-porntastic, and the legacy of Kingdom Come.

It's probably the single most important piece of critical thought written about the twentieth issue of this incarnation of the Justice Society, and you can find it only at the internet's number one source for brilliant brilliance: The Splash Page.

Click HERE.

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