Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Boys #24 Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

After twenty-four issues, I don't know what to make of The Boys. I keep reading it. I enjoy it each month, since it is a twisted look at the world of superheroes and all. But I don't really know the characters, even after two years in their company.

Except Wee Hughie. I know him. Not as well as Chad Nevett, who has Wee Hughie posters all over his bedroom, but few of us are that fanatical about anything.

So Chad and I have a little chat about the good, the bad, and the "eh" of The Boys #24 in this week's Splash Page.

Because that's how much we care about you.

Click HERE if you want.


marcwrz said...

Eh, the book lost me about halfway thru the Tek-Knight arc, I just found it to be terribly boring.

Which is shocking since I've enjoyed almost everything else I've read by Ennis.

Julian Darius said...

Great column; really enjoyed it. I agree with your thinking: I enjoy the book but can't remember names.