Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When Words Collide: Role-Playing Rorschach

My fascination with the days when Watchmen wasn't quite WATCHMEN!!! continues with a close look at the genesis of the mid-80s Watchmen RPG books from Mayfair Games. I mentioned the gaming stuff a bit last month, but I was able to get in contact with the two writers of those classis RPG modules -- adventures produced with direct collaboration from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons -- and talk with them about how the books came into being.

Back in those days, Ray Winninger and Daniel Greenberg had to fight to get an untested property like Watchmen into the hands of gamers, and both of them have some interesting things to say about Moore's early plans for the Watchmen universe (which wasn't as hermetically sealed as it later became).

So check out the new "When Words Collide" column, entitled "Role-Playing Rorschach," and then bounce on over to my CBR forum to talk about it!


alex said...

You bring the books, I'll bring the mountain dew. Dibs on The Comedian!

Timothy Callahan said...

I'll be there! Maybe we should LARP it up.

Jason Aaron said...

Great column, Tim. I wish to hell I'd bought those games back then.