Thursday, September 18, 2008

When Words Collide: A Bounty of Books

In this week's installment of "When Words Collide," I rank the Top 20 best collected editions and graphic novels scheduled to hit the shelves in the next month. It's an impressive list o' goodness, and I give you the rundown on what's what and why and wherefore.

Honestly, who's going to be able to afford all of this cool stuff that's hitting the shelves?

Maybe if I sell a whole bunch of books tonight, I will! Don't forget to visit Chapters Book Store in Pittsfield tonight at 6:00 PM for a fantabulous book signing event, featuring me (with copies of Grant Morrison: The Early Years and Teenagers from the Future) and Joe Staton (with...I'm not sure, but something good). See you tonight!

Meanwhile, read all about the Top 20 upcoming books HERE.

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