Thursday, September 11, 2008

Secret Invasion #6 Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Secret Invasion #6, about which I write the following sentences: "Yet even here, up until the final few pages, Bendis lingers on some of the less obviously spectacular moments. It's not all punching and zapping and superheroic maneuvers in this series, and I think that's an interesting choice for an event book. Interesting and worthwhile. Because what we end up with are the tense moments between the battles. Whether it was the Ka-Zar and Shanna bits from previous issues or the Noh-Varr and Mar-Vell moment in this one, we spend much of the series on the outskirts of the conflict, dealing with the human (or Kree) anxiety. Bendis adds those moments together to provide a tapestry upon which the Skrull invasion plays out. It's a more successful approach than the one taken in 'Civil War,' for example, because that series seemed to be missing a lot of the transitional sections. It seemed more like a cool highlight reel than an escalating narrative. Here, Bendis weaves the highlights together, and except for a few pages here and there, most of the highlights focus on character and emotion, rather than on visceral thrills."

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md said...

Tim, you forgot what's possibly the best line of the year: "Your god? Well, my god has a hammer."