Monday, September 01, 2008

Joe Staton Charms 'em All

Yesterday was supposed to be the final day of "The Art of Joe Staton" at the Storefront Artist Project, but the show has been extended for two additional weeks! You have less than fourteen more days to check it out, so you'd better get moving.

So even though yesterday wasn't really the end, after all, Joe Staton did still show up for a day of sketching and conversation, mostly with younger artists of almost every age. He drew Scooby-Doo for this one, very specific, youngster (who has the attention to detail needed for any aspiring young comic book editor):

And Joe dispensed advice and recommendations to other young artists, some of whom had already begun working toward a career in the comic book industry.

Here he is looking at sketches by the talented Pat O'Donnell as the also-talented Rob Gaughran looks on. I guarantee you'll hear about projects from both of these guys in the upcoming year, and I should know, because I'm working with both of them:

And the exacting young editor-type from the Scooby-Doo sketch spent his time at the Storefront Artist Project creating a work of his own, a detailed apartment building/landscape. Joe looks on, approvingly:

The tables were covered with comics and artists from ages nine to twenty-nine working on sketches and drawings, inspired by the work of Joe Staton on the walls. And Joe could not have been more gracious, and more patient, with his kind words and his helpful tips. He's a great guy, and I'll be seeing him again soon: we have a book signing together in a couple of weeks at a local bookstore. I'll let you know the where and the when as soon as the details are finalized.

Oh, and Joe's really curious about the upcoming plans for the Green Lantern movie. He says Kilowog is a major character in the script, and he has pretty fond feelings about that guy.

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