Saturday, September 06, 2008

50 Things We Love Hit THE SPLASH PAGE

Everyone's doing it: the 50 Things meme, and Chad Nevett and I decided to celebrate the awesomeness of comics this week instead of nit-picking over some random issue of Supergirl or something.

So join us as we discuss "Comics We Would Bring into Space, If We Were Astronauts," "Artists We Would Curate a Show for, If Given a Chance," and many other great things related to comics.

All this and more at the internet's new home for sweet lists of stuff and other sundries: The Splash Page.

Or, as always, get with the clickin': HERE.


Chad Nevett said...

How did I not include "Trashing bad comics online" as something I love about comics? It seems so obvious now!

Marc Caputo said...

Automatic Kafka - worth getting? I see that it's only the 9 issues but not in a trade.

Chad Nevett said...

Oh hell yes. After I do The Intimates on GraphiContent (which should start this week--next week at the latest--I've reread the series, just haven't begun writing posts) I'm doing it. It's one of my favourite works by Joe Casey, plus it's got great Ashley Wood art. Issue four is particularly cool with its look at how characters can go horribly wrong after an extended period of time and when written by someone who didn't create them.