Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Best Comic Right Now? An Update.

Based on the comments so far, these are what people are saying should qualify as the "Best Monthly Comic on the Stands Now that All-Star Superman Has Ended":


Walking Dead
Action Comics

Justice Society of America
Comic Book Comics
I Kill Giants
Ghost Rider
Incredible Hercules
Ultimate Spider-Man
Invincible Iron Man
Captain Britain and MI13

I would rank six of those in my current top 10. Some of the others, not so much. But all excellent suggestions! Is your favorite comic not on the list yet? What is it?

(And yes, one of the comics above would indeed get my vote for Best Current Monthly Comic. Which one, though???)


Dean Trippe said...

I'll second Action Comics. Johns is definitely operating with an All-Star Supes mindset.

monstermike said...

As well, Johns is certainly operating with a Morrison/Waid/Peyer/Millar Superman 2000 mindset - so many of his tonal choices seem to come directly from that proposal.

With All-Star Superman gone and Final Crisis delayed, my enthusiasm for Wednesdays is being tested a bit.

thehitcat said...

What no Powers? That should certainly make the list as the best Superhero monthly out there. Also can Planetary still be counted :)

Chad Nevett said...

Because I am bored, I will guess the six titles that would make your top ten and which you consider the best current monthly comic:

Ghost Rider
Incredible Hercules
Captain Britain and MI13

and I think Scalped takes top honours.

Greg said...

I know you're going to say Moon Knight, man. You love it!!!!!!!

Timothy Callahan said...

Greg, how could I foget Moon Knight?!?! Oh, wait, I know: because it is NOT good.

Chad, you are 5 for 6. Very close!

Planetary doesn't count. It's not even close to monthly (or even annually anymore).

And how good is Powers? I haven't read it in years, although I buy every issue in preparation for some imagined day when I'll have time for a Powers marathon session.

Mr. No said...

superman / batman for sure.

andy khouri said...

I too think you chose Scalped.

Dan Coyle said...

Who knows, if Johns ever stops bringing back all the shit he liked as a kid, he might actually have time to tell a fucking story!

Aaron Strange said...

No love for Brubaker's "Captain America"?!

Every month, we get a smart superspy story w/ surprising twists. The art adds a sense of breathless pacing. And what could simply be a genre piece, Brubaker writes a touching examination of personal & national grief, a mirror of the US social & political conflict, & a complex examination of psychology (all that hypnosis!).

I wish we'd had more time to respond to this question. "Action", "Batman" & "Cap" are what keep me reading traditional monthly superhero comics. Fraction's "Iron Man" may get there (esp. if you look at "The Order" as prologue).

Then you got your "Scalped" & "Criminal", among other non-caped comics. But like the late, great "Y: The Last Man", I like them a bit better in TPB. Ah well.

Timothy Callahan said...

You have all the time you want! You're still responding!

(And, yes, Captain America definitely deserves a spot near the top. It's one of my 10 favorites each month, for sure.)

If you're reading Criminal in trade, you're REALLY missing out, though. The back matter is good, good stuff.

Jeff said...

ach of course Batman. Waiting for the last 2 issues of RIP has me in a rare state of anticipation.

David Uzumeri said...

Scalped is probably the *best* monthly on the market in my opinion, but I look forward to Batman more (perhaps it's just the artificial withdrawal symptoms brought about by the delays).

Action Comics is also pretty great, though, and probably DC's best ongoing right now. Superman's nowhere near as good, though - today's issue was... bizarre. I never really pictured Superman throwin' around proclamations like Cyrus from The Warriors.

Dan Coyle said...

If anyone's surprised at the lack of quality in Robinson's Superman, a screening of his 2003 film Comic Book Villains should explain everything.

adam said...

Surely you're going to name Scalped as your favourite monthly now, Mr Callahan?

Jason Aaron said...

I nominate anything by Jack Chick.