Monday, September 22, 2008

Question: Best Comic Book Series Right Now?

Now that All-Star Superman is over and since Casanova is on hiatus, what is the best comic book series currently being published?

(I'd be hard pressed to chose between either of those as my favorite for the year, but they clearly take the top two spots on the list o' greatness.)

Tell me what you think is the best monthly (or close to monthly) comic book on the market today. Oh, and guess what my answer will be! (I'll give you a hint: it's not DCU: Decisions!)


Dan Coyle said...

Scalped, though it's merely pretty damn good and not great. A lot of monthly series just suck out loud right now. Or are wildly inconsistent.

Timothy Callahan said...

Maybe you're reading the wrong monthly series! Have you tried the work of Mr. Judd Winick, for example?

Just to clarify for future generations: the above is me being snarky.

Moored said...

Criminal. And I am guessing yours is either DMZ or Northlanders

Anonymous said...

I can't pick one!

Fables, Invincible, or Walking Dead.

Jeff said...

Action Comics
Final Crisis (if minis count)

Andrew Moser said...

Kirkman's Walking Dead, though I read that exclusively in trades. Monthly, my favorite has got to be Justice Society.

Your pick: Morrison's Batman?

Malpractice said...

one of these:

Comic Book Comics
I Kill Giants
Morrison's Batman
Army @ Love
Ghost Rider (just for pure entertainment value)
Final Crisis

and even though i read them in trade, i'd throw a vote in for Scalped and Fables as well.

nathan said...

I'd agree with nearly everything said above, with two additions:

Incredible Hercules
Ultimate Spider-Man

Malpractice said...

Also I would like to add Brahm Revel's Guerillas to my list. Even though there has only been one issue out so far, it was easily one of the best single issues i have read this year.

andy khouri said...

Considering your question, I realized the only monthly books I read are Geoff's. So based on single-issues reading, I'm going to say Action Comics.

Based on consistent trade paperback reading, I'll say Fables.

BUT -- I think Madame Xanadu is a book to watch. First three issues are outstanding. Definitely an old school Vertigo vibe but updated sensibilities for the modern reader. I would expound further but it's 1:13am, you feel?

James said...

For me:
RASL (you didn't say monthly, right?)
Ghost Rider (still need to catch up on Scalped)
Final Crisis

For you:
I'm gonna say maybe Ghost Rider or Scalped

Ultimate Matt said...

Yours has gotta be Scalped, maybe Northlanders.

I think I'd probably go with Criminal or Invincible Iron Man.

Seb Patrick said...

Captain Britain and MI13!

Chad Nevett said...

Scalped. I'd probably give Criminal the edge if you included backmatter. But, for pure comic bookery... Scalped.

Blanco said...

there is simply no book i anticipate more than Batman under Morrison. not 100 Bullets, Walking Dead, Criminal, Scalped, or The Boys - all amazing books in their own right. the current Batman run is simply on another level.

i have a quick question. has batman ever been this fun? the last time i felt this giddy about a comic, it was Grendel and Grendel Tales.

Timothy Callahan said...

I've never read a Batman comic that I anticipate as much as Morrison's. No.