Thursday, April 03, 2008

Updating the Old Blog; Plus, Reviews!

So I've decided to spice up the old GeniusboyFiremelon. If Comic Book Resources can do it, why can't I? I'd probably change the template if I didn't have to redo all my sidebar stuff. But I would, so I won't.

As you can see, I've slapped up a photo of myself, finally, so you can see who you've been dealing with. I look like I'm waiting in line for a comic convention in that picture, but I'm actually in Puerto Rico with my lovely wife (who took a break from high-speed shopping to snap a photo of me, standing there, carrying all the little things she bought in my super-cool backpack). Still, I do look ready for some Comic-Con action, so if any were to break out in San Juan, I would have been prepared!

Also, even though Chad Nevett and I will tackle Secret Invasion #1 in tomorrow's SPLASH PAGE feature, I did write a brief review of the comic at CBR, which you can read here.

I also reviewed an even better comic: Action Comics #863. Read that review here.

A week from tomorrow, I'll have to post a new picture since April 11th is moustache day this year, and I've been growing a monstrous 'stache for this year's festivites. I can't wait!


RAB said...

You wouldn't mind if folks post comments on your CBR reviews here, would you? I'm sure they'd like people to use the forums for that sort of thing, but embarassing photos of me have been posted there and I'm always afraid someone will taunt me about them...

Anyway. I just wonder what you got from that Action Comics storyline that I didn't. For me, Shooter has me reading and enjoying a Legion book for the first time in nearly twenty years; meanwhile, what Johns was doing just felt hollow. It was "let's hit this plot point...and here's a moment that's meant to be evocative...and here on the diagram we insert a scene that touches on the stated thematic goal...and here, one more moment where we stop and commemorate the meaningfulness of it all." I get the impression your response was the reverse of this, and it vexes me.

I just shaved off my mustache and beard. Curse my poor sense of timing!

Timothy Callahan said...

Interesting. I'll address this Shooter vs. Johns topic over the weekend!

Yeah, if anyone wants to comment on my reviews, this is a good place to do it, and then I can use your comments as fodder for blog posts.