Friday, April 04, 2008

Secret Invasion #1 Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

Sometimes a comic book about Skrull sleeper agents makes you think about Vladimir Nabokov and George Bernard Shaw. Sometimes it doesn't.

Join Chad Nevett and I as we discuss what's so great about Secret Invasion #1, what's so bad about it, and why we think that it just may or may not be the greatest first issue of a Skrull-related Marvel crossover this Spring!

Even if you've read thirty-five reviews of this issue already, that shouldn't stop you from seeing what Chad and I have to say. I guarantee you'll find more than one sentence that has NEVER APPEARED ON THE INTERNET BEFORE.

Read the newest installment of The Splash Page HERE!


Chad Nevett said...

Just for that, next week, every sentence I write will previously have appeared on the internet somewhere. I will do comic criticism "found poetry" style.

Okay, not really, but that is quite the idea. (As is having your son join us one week, so he can show us to be old academics who are so interested in subtext, metaphors and other literary terms that we miss the obvious stuff.)

Oh, out of curiosity, have you sent Brian Cronin your explanation for your #1 run pick? I've been working on mine since yesterday and can't get it quite right. It's sometimes very hard to be insightful, pithy and awesome all at once.

Timothy Callahan said...

I have sent Brian my #1 explanation, as a matter of fact. Mine's not exactly pithy (I kind of ramble) but it is so freakin' insightful and awesome that it more than makes up for the lack of pith. Plus, just like everything else in my life, I managed to make it not about the comic book run, but about me.

(I also explained my theory of age correlation and comic book run ranking to Brian, and you and I should definitely do something with our Top 10 lists in a future Splash Page--maybe for the week after next.)

Chad Nevett said...

I think part of my problem is that I'm trying to stick to the comic--as I keep wanting to talk about me since I read my #1 run around the ages of 15-17, which is exactly in line with your theory and one of the reasons it made such a big impact on me. I may just say "Fuck it" and ramble on as long as it takes. I'm not sure anyone else would have picked this run, so a long, rambling explanation may be better than a short, pithy one.

And, yeah, we should discuss our picks sometime. I do like waiting until Brian's put some of the picks up, so we can also discuss where our picks fell in the rankings.

Marc Caputo said...

What's up with Cronin's list? Does anyone know when he's going to publish it?

I sent mine in twice, but can't tell whether or not it registered.

Timothy Callahan said...

Brian wrote this in a post last week, "As to the time frame, I’m thinking this coming Monday will be the beginning. As to how long it will last - we shall see!"

So, maybe tomorrow it will start.

Marc Caputo said...

Cool - cause I want to reveal my list! And I want to see others' revealed!

Ready for NYCC?

Chad Nevett said...

This week's column got mentioned/quoted in Blog@Newsarama's "Variations on a Theme" feature.

And I did my write-up of my top pick on Friday night. It was long and rambling... and probably only makes sense to me.

Chad Nevett said...

And I just realised they spelled my last name wrong. Okay, I understand spelling it wrong when you just hear it, but when it's on the fucking screen? It's written down for you!