Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stuff I Learned at the NYCC

Okay, I have to come clean. I didn't punch anyone in the face or use ninja stars in New York. You guys caught me.

But I did learn a few things while I was there:

1) Jeff Lemire is even more awesome than I'd assumed. I've loved his work since I first read it two years ago, and now he's doing a Vertigo graphic novel. Plus, he stopped by my booth and bought both of my books. Truly a man with an artistic sense and great taste.

2) I'm not that interested in looking though back issue boxes. I'm just not. I used to be. When did I stop wanting to do that, I wonder?

3) Don't walk up to the convention floor at five second to 3:00 on Friday. Kevin Colden (artist of immense talent and fashion sense, no matter what Tony Lee says about the latter) and I were right in front of the huge line of fans as they began counting down to admission time, and then it was like Indiana Jones in front of the boulder. We had to stay one step ahead of the literally screaming fans. Thankfully, nobody recognized Kevin, or he would have been devoured by the horde.

4) Jason Aaron is not only one of my favorite writers, but he's a great guy to hang out with, and he did not, contrary to my assumption, pitch to take over Iron Fist (a book he's perfect for). He says he didn't know the editor at the time, and wasn't asked for his take on the book. Although he would "love to do it" someday. He did mention a possible one-shot he might be allowed to write in the future, though. But I don't want to spoil the surprise if it does happen. Just wait and see how awesome it will be.

5) I'm not a big fan of panels. I wonder if it's because I know too much about comics, and most of the panels deal with stuff we've already heard about. Maybe it's because I don't care about upcoming plot events or shocking reveals. Maybe it's because many panels have become press conferences where the companies stay "on message," and offer little room for personality. I don't know. But other that the Mo Willems panel (which was great for families with kids), I felt like I may never need to see another panel again. Then again, I didn't sample all that many of them. Did I miss anything good?

6) CBR News Editor Andy Khouri, who has been a huge supporter of my work ever since reading my Morrison book, actually lives in the same building as my brother, 2,000 miles away from me. Weird coincidence, right?

7) Jeff Barbanell, contributor to the Legion book, is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. My son proudly put his Iron Man bust on display, Jeff. Thanks!

8) Comics are awesome. And if you disagree...well, I may just have to do some punching (maybe to the face).


Marc Caputo said...

Aaron made me very happy this week when he hinted that about "other Ghost Riders".

Ketch vs. Blaze, Ketch and Blaze - bring it on!

Continuity porn gets me every time but never gets me in trouble with the job or the wife!

Next years NYCC t-shirt - we dropped the ball on that Winick one, y'know.

Mike Phillips said...

One thing I learned at the NYCC is that Tim Callahan is a funny son of a bitch. Oh and he wears purple very well.