Thursday, April 24, 2008

Countdown to Final Crisis #1 Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Countdown to Final Crisis #1, in which I write the following sentence: "It ends up reading like a story told by an enthusiastic child as he plays with his action figures."

Read the entire review HERE.

Question: Is "Countdown" the worst series ever, or just the worst $150 you can spend on comics? I'm sure there's been worse stuff, right?


Jamaal said...

I couldn't disagree with this review more. If it was written by an imaginative child, it would've at least been fun.

Timothy Callahan said...


Yeah, that's why I said "enthusiastic" instead of "imaginative." This certainly wasn't much fun at all, was it?

Jamaal said...

No, it wasn't. All kidding aside, there really is some appeal to a well-intentioned train wreck. Reading a book where the creator took risks and failed is at least somewhat enjoyable. This was not only badly written, but soulless.

Mike Phillips said...

Jamaal, drop me a line if you still want to write something for Sequart.

Marc Caputo said...

I was struck by something - besides the $150 I lost on this loser.

Look at the covers of 51 and 1. Similar action depicted, but with less characters used.

Could anything be a better metaphor for audience attrition (critically and enjoyment-wise - I have no sales figures)?