Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fantastic Four #556 Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Fantastic Four #556, in which I write the following sentence: "It's a hyper-sexualized take on the Fantastic Four, and it just feels off for this particular group of characters."

Read the entire review HERE.


Marc Caputo said...

I REALLY didn't care for this issue - everything just didn't work. I noticed the girlfriend thing, too. Pretty lame.

And I was such a defender of the first two!

Chad Nevett said...

I will trash the fuck out of this issue later today (well, I already wrote that part of the Sunday Open, I just haven't finished it all). I am convinced that I buy this comic only so I have something to make fun of.

Timothy Callahan said...

As I say in my review, it's definitely not boring. I don't hate it. It's just...wrong.

Marc Caputo said...

This is the kind of thing that makes me embarrassed for liking it in the first place.

Timothy Callahan said...

Maybe all of the FF characters are being influenced by the subtle power of the Violet Lanterns in the first stages of what will become the BIGGEST CROSSOVER EVENT IN COMICS HISTORY:

Mark Millar and Geoff Johns co-write Infinite Civil Invasion Wars.

Art by Neal Adams and Jim Steranko.

Coming Summer 2010.

James said...

I can't be the only nerd annoyed that SHIELD apparently drafted the unregistered New Avengers for the fight with CAP (and still no one is drawing David Aja's awesome Iron Fist redesign, and from the looks of the Travel Foreman previews no one ever will)?

Timothy Callahan said...

Yeah on both counts.

I don't understand the dynamic of 40 superheroes showing up all of a sudden.

And why isn't the Iron Fist rededign being used?

James said...

Rejoice: the preview for Marvel's July solicitations has Travel Foreman drawing the Aja-suit for the cover of #17. (It's not a great cover, mind.)

Now someone just needs to let Leinil Yu know what's what.